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b.  Middle Management Coaching

c.  Group Coaching

d.  Mentorship



 A business utilises many resources in order to remain profitable, competitive and sustain profits in an ever-changing environment. One of these is the human resources of the business. What makes this resource unique is the fact that it has the ability to enable change in the business by activating the other resources. Pro-active businesses understand how crucial it is to invest in their human resources. Training, development and performance management are some of the tools that exceptional businesses use to ensure that their human resources are skilled and motivated to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the enterprise and thereby distinguishing them from competitors.


How do we do this?

A successful human resources intervention, in which a client receives maximum outputs for their investment, requires the use of highly skilled and experienced facilitators and executive coaches. Dodici has been very particular in sourcing strategic partners to supplement its in-house skills. These partners share our values and standards and are essential contributors to our business success.


Dodici delivers the following:


Coaching and Mentorship

• Executive Coaching

• Middle Management Coaching

• Group Coaching

• Mentorship







Motor Industry Franchise Director:


I am an experienced and successful executive with extensive knowledge and skills in all areas of the businesses I am responsible for. Being results driven, I have a ......


If This is my account of the value that I have been able to add to my personal brand and in turn to my organisation on a daily basis. I would never have been able to achieve these successes without the intervention of Dodici who worked with me over an 18 month period to enhance and maximize all my potential. I have in turn sent senior managers, who require guidance and coaching on achieving their maximum potential to Dodici. I have seen their improved results in all aspects of our businesses from the success of this coaching. I would highly recommend Dodici to any employer looking to enhance performance and maximize value out of their employees.

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