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BASF Coating Services (Cape Town)


Managing Director:

Together with a Team of my direct reports we have lived though all the human emotions we so easily tend to put on the forefront when real change is required. From resisting & kicking against change to eventually starting to take those small steps at a time, while searching for all the right answers, sometimes from within yourself, the fact that change was required soon became evident.


If you need to get your business right back on track & excel the development of your Team members, Dodici's professional systematic approach driven by highly qualified people will get you there! This is evident in our business today achieving well formed outcomes with the right Team of people (The right people in our bus, on the right seats).


Regional Manager:

Working with Dodici through the change management programme was a truly life changing experience for the company and all of us as individuals, Dodici’s staff were knowledgeable and true professionals in delivering the content of the Change programme. The investment that our company made in getting Dodici on board was a good one, it changed the way we think and do business and ultimately had a positive effect on the bottom line. Dodici had a great ability to take our vision and direction and turn it into a creative strategy that worked on all levels of the company.


Regional Manager:

“Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how I feel about the past two years that I was fortunate to work with Dodici. Since the programme “Leadership from Within”, I have had many managers comment on the Dodici’s team’s knowledge and their ability to motivate and inspire. It is really amazing to see the change in attitude in the individuals that attended the programme.


When meeting for the first time, I had no doubts that Dodici’s team would be fantastic, but I was not prepared for their enthusiasm and energy. They had the management team participating all the way through. Workable solutions that were tailor made for our company and enriching the daily lives of all of us is one of many of my highlights.

It was such a great pleasure working with Annatjie and her support team. Based on comments made by the management team, I will certainly recommend Dodici, as a company that steers leaders in the right direction.


Senior Human Resource Manager:

I am honoured to write this letter of recommendation for Dodici. BASF has used the services of Dodici since 2010 on numerous occasions mainly in the Coaching, Training & Development arena, during which time they have provided the business with excellent support. I have found that Dodici has always achieved and exceeded their service levels, quality and calibre of Coaches and Facilitators provided to us.

Dodici offers a broad spectrum of Training and Development Programmes which BASF is fortunate to take advantage of their range.


So far within the Group we run the following programmes:

    •    Change Management Programme

    •    Mentorship Programme

    •    Executive and Middle Management Coaching

    •    Conflict Management Programme


With such a huge knowledge base, I found that they are experts in their field and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. Dodici not only goes the extra mile to satisfy their clients but is most importantly proactively responsive to our needs. They are solid and reliable experts in their field.

I would highly recommend Dodici to partner with your business as they do with ours.


Distribution and Export Manager:

I am probably not alone in being sceptical when it comes to what is commonly referred to as change management. After spending the last decade in corporate environments, I have all too often experienced the inadequacy and ineffectiveness of myriad management development programmes. Enthusiasm coupled with a lack of knowledge is a dangerous combination; that is to say, it can generate a lot of heat, but not much light. Without the correct coaching credentials, substantive tools, accountability and follow-up coaching, these programmes are almost always doomed to failure from the start.


Having said this, I take genuine pleasure in writing this letter, endorsing the professionalism and effectiveness of Dodici Capital Solutions. Annatjie and her team spent the last (2yrs) with the BASF Coatings team. Besides the obvious qualifications of both Annatjie and her team, for me the difference maker was their integrity and genuine care for their clients. They proved flexible and adaptable, and made sure that they listened to, and supported us. They were also not afraid to “speak the truth in love”, addressing tough issues in a proactive way.


Sales Manager

Dodici began their work with our Management Team almost two years ago. In that period, the Dodici team has used their expertise to transform our Team and take us to the next level of Leadership and Professionalism. They made us aware of our personal strengths and weaknesses, pulled us out of our comfort zones and then backed up the transitional period with professional one-on-one coaching sessions. They taught us to readdress the imbalance between life and work, and to focus on the important issues. The "tools" that are given during the programme also gives one the concrete base on which you can enhance your performance and also highlight your talents and skills in the workplace.


I completely support Dodici’s Leadership programme – “Leadership from Within” I believe that this programme should be mandatory before going on to tertiary education, or before entering the corporate environment. I also strongly believe that it should be introduced into the school curriculum. You simply cannot put a price on what the course offers you personally and professionally and count myself fortunate to have been a part of this programme.


BASF Holdings


Head of Human Resources:

Since the last 3 years Dodici Capital Solutions has been an excellent partner to BASF in South Africa and Sub-Sahara. They provided support in ensuring continuous development of our employees as well as to guide our management teams in their objective of becoming best leaders. Dodici’s contribution was around conflict management and enhanced dialogue, as well as leadership and mentorship programs.


Head of Regional Market Development:

My Executive Coach at Dodici gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understands, and explains complex business relationships have revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way there have been surprising personal realisations, but my Coach’s techniques continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. My Coach did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right most of the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions. The Meta Coaching Model adopted by Dodici offers a multi-level and multi dimensional approach for understanding how we function as a being and most of all how we interact both on a personal and business level with others. I was also privileged to me be a mentor to some of my colleagues , and the tips and learning’s acquired during my coaching sessions was very valuable, and I was able to pass this onto my mentee and my direct reports.


Head of Logistics and Senior Project Manager

My coaching sessions with Dodici proved to be highly valuable to myself on both a personal and professional level. Through the process I come to realise my existing value to the organisation, were my strengths and weaknesses lay and what my future potential could be. In addition my Coach helped me to properly conceptualize a long term plan for both my career and personal life, 2 years later it is very gratifying to see that the plan is still valid and on track.


Subsequent to the coaching and most definitely partly as a result of it I went on to successfully run a major SAP migration project for the entire group in Africa which covered 2 go-live waves, 6 legal entities and 5 sites including 3 production units. Most recently I have taken on the additional role of Transformation Manager for the group.


Dimension Data (Service Division)


Head of Service Delivery

I met Annatjie while she was working for a large organisation as a Project Manager and later involved with Strategic Projects in another. I guess that even having several years of experience in the IT industry she was, at the time, searching for a deeper meaning in life. Having known her for some time, she introduced to me the concept of coaching and the exploration of potential in resources, specifically the ‘human being’ in the person or team working with me. I immediately started to test and then utilise the services offered by the Dodici Company she had formed.


For seven years we have both participated in a journey of helping twenty or more individuals discover their inner strengths and start to work towards finding these, growing them and using them to achieve a balance in life. Dodici has helped these individuals, ranging from rescuing them from very difficult personal circumstances, to helping people recognise some indifferent practices and behaviours that were hampering their networking and effectiveness.

This all sounds like something you read about in text books on efficiency, effectiveness, balance of life, interpersonal relationships and extracting the most from your resources. For me, Dodici has helped me and these individuals, get to a more effective way of ‘living’ in this activity filled world of information and ‘must do’ tasks in our limited daylight hours.


This is why I do repeat business with Dodici; it brings the potential out of the people who have received coaching and guidance with undoubted results.


Service Delivery Manager:

I must say I came along with some reservations about whether the whole coaching thing will assist me as it is very difficult for me to open up to someone in an intimate environment. When I met with my Coach from Dodici I was a bit sceptical about executive coaching and was wondering how it will be life changing and sustainable because I always start good but often get distracted and then I’m back to square one. My Coach and I first met just after a difficult phase and I felt a little shipwrecked, life as I use to believe it should be was not where I found myself and I doubted my own strengths.


My Coach has helped me personally to grow amazingly over the past year, she empowered me to meet and exceed my goals in both my personal and professional life. I’ve also gained so much confidence. My Coach assisted me in relationship building, work-life balance (and not feeling guilty about it), stress reduction and living a better, richer life.


If you want real coaching that works and something that you implement into your daily routine – where you know you will get the results you seek - use Dodici. We all have only one life and a lot is riding on it being a happy, balanced life you can be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Dodici enough for assisting me in getting where I am today. My Coach supported me, motivated me, and held me accountable to achieving my vision.


Senior Programme Manager:

The statement “expanding potential” on the Dodici logo is such a true summary of what Annatjie and her team does for a person. I can vouch for that. I was privileged enough to have engaged in Meta coaching sessions with Dodici over the past 8 months. I can truly say that these sessions have been one of the major turning points in my life. Through the various tools, techniques and approaches that my Coach equipped me with I was enabled to discover more of myself again and realise my true potential. The coaching enabled me to continue on my life’s journey with a toolbox filled with tools and techniques to take charge of my life, put action plans in place to achieve my goals and look at myself and people around me in different ways.


All these have been achieved without me having to compromise my values and what is important to me. The great thing about working with Dodici was that everything I learned during these sessions can be applied to my personal life and my career. I have also started teaching the tools and techniques to some of my colleagues and even my kids, as I feel if they can be equipped with what I learned early it will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

People have mentioned that they have noticed a difference and I am glad to hear that because I do feel different, more confident, and more energetic and I know I will continue to reap the benefits of the coaching sessions. I do feel that anyone can benefit from these Meta-coaching sessions with Dodici.


Senior Business Analyst:

When I entered into coaching with Dodici I was at a cross-road in my career and felt like I had no direction. After our initial meeting we set goals for me and kept them in our sights throughout our engagement. My Coach taught me how to identify barriers and key issues holding me back using tools that I can continue using throughout my career and life journey. Some of the sessions were though, but it helped me see things from a different perspective and she made me realise that I am accountable for achieving my own goals.


Whenever I have to make decisions or set new goals I use what my Coach has taught me and the results are astounding. My Coach is always there with some guidance if I need it. My Coach is not only understanding, but also patient and thoughtful with outstanding knowledge and her ability to challenge one is remarkable. The journey has been life-changing, something I will continue to build on.


Barloworld GM Franchise:


Franchise Director:

I am an experienced and successful executive with extensive knowledge and skills in all areas of the businesses I am responsible for. Being results driven, I have a natural ability to turn poor performing business units into financial & operational successes. I believe that hard work, passion, decisiveness and initiative have been instrumental in my success to date. In addition, I value the role my team plays and motivate others to ‘achieve the impossible’ with me. I see innovation as a necessity to sustainability. I am versatile and adaptable to situations and thrive on challenges presented to me.


This is my account of the value that I have been able to add to my personal brand and in turn to my organisation on a daily basis. I would never have been able to achieve these successes without the intervention of Dodici who worked with me over an 18 month period to enhance and maximize all my potential. I have in turn sent senior managers, who require guidance and coaching on achieving their maximum potential to Dodici. I have seen their improved results in all aspects of our businesses from the success of this coaching.

I would highly recommend Dodici to any employer looking to enhance performance and maximize value out of their employees.


Other Coaching Delivered


Senior General Manager at HP:

I met Annatjie in 2005 when I was fortunate to be selected to be part of a high performance programme at the time. Annatjie was inspiring in her approach and I quickly gained trust in her way of guiding me in my career development.

Years after we kept in contact, personally and professionally. She has been instrumental in my growth on so many levels, right up to where I find myself today in a senior management role.

Annatjie has not only been an excellent coach, but she is a true inspiration and a great friend to have, personally and in business.


Marketing Specialist:

When I first decided to work with an executive coach my aim was to "re-brand” myself within an organisation I had been working for at the time for 7 years. I felt my internal brand needed a revamp, one of my colleagues suggested I get help from an executive coach to achieve this. I was prepared to reinvent myself, however little did I know that this required a lot more than just working on the external brand perception issues, but actually taking a deep look inside of myself, gaining an understanding of what drove my behaviour at that particular time. Dodici took me through a process that not only changed my thinking but literally my path, where I worked for an organisation for 12 years I now run a successful company. My brand and network are my assets, I learnt how to believe in myself again and realise that I have a lot to offer! Most importantly I remembered how important having a foundation is to a successful life and for me that foundation is my relationship with God. All my relationships have improved with my family, friends and colleagues. I learnt how to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and colleague!


Executive Head of Division:

Coaching with Dodici has been an interesting journey. It is rare to be fully present with a person who really listens to everything that you are experiencing. In the process, my Coach has equipped me with tools required to deal with the challenges and opportunities that life presents. I found that coaching has helped me grow as a person and as a professional. I appreciate what I have learned and will continue to apply such learning for many years to come.


Service Delivery Manager:

I first met Annatjie Wessels, Executive Coach and MD of Dodici Capital Solutions in 2011. At the time that my coaching began, I didn’t truly realise what an impact Annatjie would have on my life. I anticipated career guidance, study and reading recommendations, all the typical things you would expect from coaching and the outcomes to reveal whether I was an introvert, extrovert, a go getter or team player… well it was all of this but so much more! The knowledge and variety of the coaching world was bought to the table in the unique way that is ‘Annatjie’; from creating a centre of excellence, understanding how to prepare myself for meeting and conversation states, all the while using the Meta programmes and creating my Brand.


Annatjie also has the most amazing ability to connect with you on a personal and professional level, straight away. Through this coaching I started to see things from a different angle, one that I could mould, influence and change. I began to believe that I had so much more to offer, that I could be the owner of my own career and future but most importantly this positivity stemmed to my family life too. With each meeting my confidence grew and so did my abilities to navigate my career, deal better with my clients and my life in general.


Today 2013, I have left Dimension Data the wonderful company that introduced me to my most trusted confidante’ but I have not lost touch, in fact since my coaching ended in the latter part of 2011, Annatjie despite her busy schedule, has consistently kept in contact and remains a valued ally in my life. Annatjie also gave me the confidence to pursue a sought after role in Account Management, with a great company called Pink Elephant. Dodici taught me valuable methods in how to deal with day to day challenges, how to get the best out of what I put in and how to make ME happy.

I consider myself fortunate to have been chosen by my previous manager to go through my executive coaching with Dodici.


Senior Manager:

Becoming an executive in a large corporate is an accomplishment and organisations promote people who are good at their job. However, being an executive requires a different range of skills which are not found in textbooks. Successfully managing a team and senior management is a personal journey.

The coaching I received from Dodici enabled me to discover the type of executive I wanted to be; gain a better understanding of how to deal with different people both within my team and external; and critical business skills.


When I first became an executive I had two young children and for me having a home/ work balance was important. The coaching I received enabled me to have the best of both worlds; I obtained the skills to lead a strong team and enabled me to achieve my goals, both in my private and work life.


Dodici gave me the skills to hit the road running as an executive. My career has taken many turns over the years but I still turn to Annatjie for guidance. Annatjie's expertise and her zest for helping people are incredible. I am truly grateful for her guiding hand over the past 5 years.



I would summarize this as a journey. Not always an easy one, but one of discovery, enlightenment and re-evaluation. The process was honest, ethical and uplifting. What I take away will benefit me in a fully rounded, balanced and effective life with new tools to take on challenges that we all face, not only at work, but in the greater picture God has given us. Without someone like Annatjie’s ethical, honest and practical approach, I doubt I could have achieved the breakthroughs I did.


For those wanting growth and a set of effective tools to reach that “be the best me I can be” life summit, I would recommend this journey as the “Re Branding” of the real you.

I feel uplifted, enlightened and empowered to face any challenge and deal with it effectively.


Strategic Partnership with The HR Hub


The HR Hub has been associated with Dodici and in particular, Annatjie Wessels for the past 5 years.

During that time we have used their Coaching and Mentoring services on a number of occasions. I have always been impressed by the professionalism and quick turn-around times that we receive and more importantly the outstanding feedback and continued repeat business from our clients. I would recommend Dodici without hesitation, so much so that they have become our preferred supplier of Coaching and Mentorship services.






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Managing Director

Annatjie Wessels



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